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Native Union Curve Strap review: A lightweight silicone band for Apple Watchrating

11/30/2021, 09:05:AM

The Native Union Curve Strap for Apple Watch is an absurdly comfortable silicone strap that is both durable and lightweight.


HexGaming Ultimate Controller review: competition grade for iOS, iPadOS, and macOSrating

11/28/2021, 01:17:PM

The HexGaming Ultimate Controller lives up to its name with a fully-customizable design, swappable joysticks, and programmable paddle buttons. It also happens to be compatible with Apple's well-connected ecosystem.


Pela Apple Watch band review: A sleek, eco-friendly strap with unique lugsrating

11/27/2021, 01:08:PM

Pela's environmentally responsible Apple Watch bands are a sleek, stylish, and comfortable way to outfit your wrist while also not bringing any undue harm to our planet.


Review: Belkin BoostCharge Pro Portable Fast Charger for Apple Watch Series 7rating

11/21/2021, 11:00:AM

The new Belkin BoostCharge Pro Portable Fast Charger for Apple Watch is the only standalone charger -- besides Apple's -- to support fast charge on the latest-generation Apple Watch. But it may have promised more than it can deliver.


PopCase review: Finally a MagSafe case for PopSocket fansrating

11/20/2021, 02:01:PM

As long standing PopSockets skeptics, the new PopCase had some work to do to convince us it was worth adorning our phones with. Surprisingly enough, it did make a compelling case for itself. No pun intended.


Woolnut AirPods Max case review: Functional but priceyrating

11/20/2021, 11:00:AM

The dust has settled on the uproar that emanated from the questionably-designed cover that Apple shipped with AirPods Max, but it hasn't taken away the need for more a more protective option. That's why we're reviewing the new Woolnut AirPods Max case.


Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 review: MagSafe & an Apple Watch fast chargerrating

11/19/2021, 10:31:AM

The newly-announced Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 is so far the only multi-device charger to provide fast charging wireless capabilities for both iPhone and Apple Watch. Here's what we thought of it.


Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger review: An acceptable MagSafe solutionrating

11/15/2021, 06:53:PM

Belkin's BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is a sleeker version of its Vent Mount Pro that can power your iPhone while keeping it at arm's reach.


NYTSTND Quad Tray MagSafe review: night time wireless charging, with classrating

11/14/2021, 01:54:PM

The NYTSTND Quad Tray MagSafe is an expensive four-way charger made from leather and Amish-sourced wood that declutters your bedside table while remaining stylish.


Mophie Snap+ PowerStation Stand review: A battery with many tricksrating

11/13/2021, 03:56:PM

Mophie's Snap+ Powerstation Stand is multi-functional battery pack designed with your new iPhone in mind.


Native Union AirPods Beanies are a blast from the past for long-time Apple fansrating

11/12/2021, 01:35:PM

Native Union is tapping into our sense of nostalgia for its latest accessory, its take on the classic iPod socks. This time they've been designed for our new audio accessory we carry everywhere -- AirPods.


New 14-inch MacBook Pro review: Where the 'Pro' startsrating

11/09/2021, 03:19:PM

Apple's 14-inch MacBook Pro can be as fast and give as much to users as the 16-inch MacBook Pro -- with some caveats


Cove Review: Can vibrations from a $500 wearable help your sleep?rating

11/09/2021, 09:41:AM

Cove is a wearable device that promises to reduce your stress and improve your sleep in just 20 minutes a day with no effort on your behalf, which may just be too good to be true.


AirPods 3 review: An excellent AirPods evolution, but fit can be problematicrating

11/07/2021, 10:41:AM

AirPods as a whole have earned their status as the most popular true wireless earbuds, and the AirPods 3 brings more new features, but they fit in a strange spot in the Apple and Beats lineup.


OWC Thunderbolt Hub review: Three Thunderbolt ports from one host connectorrating

11/02/2021, 01:55:PM

OWC's Thunderbolt Hub is the world's first dock that will give you more Thunderbolt 3 or 4 ports than it occupies on your MacBook Pro, but it's not for everybody.


Wemax Nova 4K UHD Laser Projector review: high quality home entertainment systemrating

11/02/2021, 08:38:AM

The Wemax Nova 4K is one of a slew of short-throw laser projectors that can project an image when positioned very close to a wall -- but is it worth your time and money?


New 16-inch MacBook Pro review: More power & more convenience for more moneyrating

10/27/2021, 10:46:AM

Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro is an interesting blend of very new and some older technologies, packaged up with the most power Apple can bear in a portable Mac.


Apple Watch Series 7 review: Bigger than you thinkrating

10/19/2021, 11:02:AM

Despite lacking new health features or performance improvements, the larger display on Apple Watch Series 7 makes it a compelling upgrade and the best smartwatch you can buy.


Monolith TrueWireless Earphones Review: price isn't everythingrating

10/17/2021, 10:36:AM

The Monolith TrueWireless Earphones compete with features and a lower price point, but Apple fans should stick to AirPods.


Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9 review: a boon for long work sessionsrating

10/17/2021, 08:32:AM

You know that you shouldn't sit working for long periods at a time, but you're still going to, and the Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9 stays comforting, and supporting, throughout.