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Review: Oura Ring is a good complement to the Apple Watchrating

01/26/2021, 08:26:PM

AppleInsider reviews the Oura Ring, a fashionable wearable that tracks key sleep measurements and can alert you to subtle health or bodily changes.


Review: Grovemade's premium headphone stand is simple and elegantrating

01/26/2021, 12:35:PM

Grovemade's wonderfully elegant wood and leather headphone stand is the best way to display your headphones of choice -- be it a set of Sony headphones or your AirPods Max.


Review: Car and Driver Intellidash+ is a painless way to add CarPlay to your vehiclerating

01/25/2021, 07:04:PM

The Car and Driver Intellidash+ is the easiest way to add CarPlay to your vehicle without any installation required.


Review: Spigen's new accessories are an inexpensive way to get into MagSaferating

01/24/2021, 04:42:PM

Spigen is going all-on on MagSafe with a massive new lineup of compatible accessories including chargers, cases, and power adapters. We took some time to try them all out.


Review: Fauna audio sunglasses get a few things right, but still fall short when it comes to soundrating

01/23/2021, 03:07:PM

Fauna has hit the market with their own version of Bose Frame-like audio sunglasses and fashion glasses, and we took a look at them to see if they're worth the price.


Review: Labodet offers a MagSafe wallet born out of high fashionrating

01/21/2021, 03:41:PM

Apple's MagSafe wallet has some competition months after being released. Labodet has debuted a fashionable alternative that includes exotic leathers and a fix for the wallet's most frustrating design flaw.


Review: Powme's 3-in-1 wireless charger is a game-changer for working on the gorating

01/18/2021, 03:56:PM

The Powme 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is a small USB-C hub that the manufacturers promise is the ultimate wireless charger. We took a look at it to see if it could live up to those claims.


Review: Artellia Monno is a simple, solid wireless charger for multiple devicesrating

01/06/2021, 02:03:PM

The Artellia Monno is a wireless iPhone or AirPods charging solution aimed at simplifying a desk setup, with the ability to power to up to five devices at once.


Review: WaterField Shield Case offers complete protection and puts your AirPods Max to sleeprating

01/06/2021, 11:11:AM

WaterField Designs Shield Case offers full protection for your AirPods Max that looks great, includes multiple pockets, and puts them into the ultra-low power mode just like Apple's included sleeve.


Review: Vissles-M portable monitor provides convenient extra screen spacerating

01/05/2021, 03:12:PM

Vissles-M is a lightweight portable monitor that aims to be an extra display for your Mac at your desk, or your MacBook Pro on the go.


Review: Belkin's delayed MagSafe Boost Charge Pro is worth the waitrating

01/05/2021, 01:07:PM

Between its ability to charge three devices simultaneously, its support of MagSafe easily makes the Belkin Boost Charge Pro MagSafe 3-in-1 charger one of the most impressive chargers we've ever used.


Review: The Proscenic M7 Pro robot vacuum is an excellent sweeper at the cost of peace and quietrating

01/03/2021, 04:09:PM

We're checking out the Proscenic M7 Pro to see if it can keep our floors clean while limiting the number of times we need to drag the vacuum out of the closet.


Review: Apollo Neuro offers wearable mood management at a pricerating

01/01/2021, 04:46:PM

Apollo Neuro is a wearable that may vibrate you into calmer or more energized states, but its steep price tag may limit its reach.


Review: SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger Sync backs up your data while keeping an iPhone chargedrating

12/31/2020, 04:17:PM

SanDisk's Ixpand Wireless Charger Sync is a wireless charging pad with up to 256 gigabytes of storage, intended for backing up your photos, videos, and contacts -- with some issues.


Review: AKKO World Tour Tokyo mechanical keyboard is as functional as it is adorablerating

12/30/2020, 04:30:PM

If you're looking for a cute keyboard to liven up your desk or complement your iPad, you'll want to check out the Akko World Tour Tokyo mechanical keyboard.


Review: Varmilo EC Keyboard can't justify its price with limited features and compatibilityrating

12/29/2020, 01:55:PM

The Varmilo EC v2 Keyboard uses high-end mechanical key switches and has a fancy paint job, but it lacks modern features and full compatibility with Apple products.


Review: Zens Modular Series empowers you to create your ideal chargerrating

12/28/2020, 03:36:PM

The Zens Modular Series is a game-changing wireless charger that is perfect for the common room in your home, allowing you to build the exact charging solution that fits your needs.


Review: TerraMaster D5-300C RAID Enclosure is an inexpensive way to get bulk, local data storagerating

12/27/2020, 01:31:PM

The TerraMaster D5-300C is external storage that can offer relatively speedy conenction to up to 80 terabytes across five drives, all connected to your Mac via USB Type-C.


Review: ESR HaloLock is everything a MagSafe car charger should berating

12/26/2020, 02:07:PM

ESR's unofficial MagSafe car charger for iPhone 12 is an incredibly convenient accessory that, in the simplest way possible, takes the friction out of phones and cars.


Review: AirPods Max don't make it easy to justify the pricerating

12/22/2020, 01:15:PM

The new AirPods Max are turning heads with a high price tag and excellent audio quality. But is what you get worth the $549?