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Apple Watch Series 7 review: Bigger than you thinkrating

10/19/2021, 11:02:AM

Despite lacking new health features or performance improvements, the larger display on Apple Watch Series 7 makes it a compelling upgrade and the best smartwatch you can buy.


Monolith TrueWireless Earphones Review: price isn't everythingrating

10/17/2021, 10:36:AM

The Monolith TrueWireless Earphones compete with features and a lower price point, but Apple fans should stick to AirPods.


Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9 review: a boon for long work sessionsrating

10/17/2021, 08:32:AM

You know that you shouldn't sit working for long periods at a time, but you're still going to, and the Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9 stays comforting, and supporting, throughout.


Grovemade desk tray review: Premium desktop organizationrating

10/16/2021, 03:32:PM

If you keep a Mac or iPad at your desk, you really should keep the rest of the workspace organized, something Govemade's latest desk tray accomplishes with an elegant design.


Woolnut Leather Tech Organizer review: A premium pouch for your go-to gearrating

10/15/2021, 12:41:PM

Woolnut's leather-wrapped Tech Organizer stays true to its name with copious pockets and straps to hold all of your essentials.


Nanoleaf Lines review: Beautiful indirect HomeKit lighting of your own designrating

10/14/2021, 01:00:PM

The all-new Nanoleaf Lines are innovative smart lights for your home that can add functional light or strike the perfect mood with rich ambiance effects that also work with Apple HomeKit.


Siri on Ecobee SmartThermostat review: Apple's smart assistant invades your homerating

10/14/2021, 08:42:AM

Ecobee has become the first third-party product to integrate Siri into its smart speaker and we've been testing it out with our Ecobee SmartThermostat for the last several days. Here's how it works, how to set it up, and what it can do.


Intellidash Pro review: The easiest way to add wireless CarPlay to your riderating

10/10/2021, 03:10:PM

Wireless CarPlay is clearly superior to needing to plug your phone in each and every time you enter the car, but most auto manufacturers have been slow on the uptake. This is where aftermarket solutions like the Intellidash Pro come into play.


Nomad iPhone 13 case review: Protection that hides a nifty secretrating

10/09/2021, 06:04:PM

Nomad has a new lineup of cases for iPhone 13 that includes new Sport Cases alongside the usual leather versions, but they all contain a cool feature that relies on NFC.


HyperDrive iMac Hub review: More ports on the front of the 24-inch iMacrating

10/08/2021, 01:13:PM

The 24-inch Apple Silicon iMac is an excellent machine, with a shortage of ports overall, and none on the front. Hyper has a solution to both problems with the HyperDrive iMac Hub.


iPhone 13 review: Still the iPhone for the rest of usrating

10/04/2021, 01:02:PM

This year's iPhone 13 isn't revolutionary, but it will wind up as the most popular iPhone 13 model.


Nomad magnetic Base Station Mini review: Magnets align for the fastest chargerating

10/02/2021, 06:25:PM

Nomad's updated Base Station Mini now has a built in magnet array to allow iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 models to automatically align themselves for optimal charging performance.


Joby GripTight Mount with MagSafe review: An affordable photography companion for iPhonerating

09/30/2021, 06:23:PM

Popular photography brand Joby has released a new version of its useful GorillaPod, now with a MagSafe-enabled mount for even easier use with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.


iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max review: Exceptional phones but the Pro Max underwhelmsrating

09/30/2021, 01:47:PM

While they're both great smartphones, the iPhone 13 Pro massively impresses, but we're underwhelmed with the improvements Apple made year-over-year to the larger iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Native Union Snap 2-in-1 magnetic charging stand review: An Apple user's companionrating

09/29/2021, 06:14:PM

The Native Union Snap 2-in-1 may be our favorite multi-device charger yet and it arrives just in time for new iPhone 13 users who want a stylish magnetic charger for their phone and AirPods.


iPad mini 2021 review: Delightfully small with few caveatsrating

09/29/2021, 11:00:AM

Apple's redesigned iPad mini packs a powerful A15 Bionic into a pleasantly small and super lightweight package, with a few trade-offs.


Native Union Watch Puck review: Ultimate portable Apple Watch companionrating

09/28/2021, 05:59:PM

The Native Union Watch Puck is the best way to power up your Apple Watch while on the go using your Mac or iPad's USB-C port.


2021 iPad review: The best iPad for nearly everyonerating

09/26/2021, 10:05:AM

Apple's ninth-generation iPad isn't a giant leap in design or feature improvements for the line, but as the cheapest tablet in the range, it'll do just fine.


iPhone 13 mini review: The most powerful small smartphone on the marketrating

09/24/2021, 02:32:PM

The iPhone 13 mini has both fans and detractors of its size, and has spawned debates about where it fits in Apple's lineup -- but there's no denying that it's a flagship smartphone.


Grovemade Matte Desk Pad review: The ultimate work surfacerating

09/23/2021, 06:20:PM

Grovemade's newly-updated matte desk mat is the easiest way to class up your workspace and is a gateway to the company's larger line of accessories.